Development Process


Consultation: This is the initial meeting phase. We will provide as much time as needed to understand your goals and overall project specifications.

Proposal: After gathering all the information needed to fully understand your goals, we will provide a detailed proposal of effective and creative ideas to help get your project off the ground.

Agreement: Once you have a proposal from EWS, we will schedule a review session to review certain aspects and answer any concerns you have. Once this is complete, EWS can start building your project!


Development: Once development begins, you can start to relax and take some time to reflect on the overall project goals. We will be hard at work developing your new application or website.

Testing: The testing phase is extremely important. This is when we will unveil the “beta” of your project, and you can begin interacting and providing feedback.

Launch: We launch your shiny new application or website. At this point we will discuss ongoing maintenance of your product.


Support: EWS will provide one year of free maintenance and support after the initial launch of your site. You can think of this as our guarantee that we will support you.

Marketing: When you are ready to go beyond the development of your application or website, EWS can provide extensive marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO). Ask us how we can get you seen by the whole world.

Analyze: Post marketing campaign, a time of reflection is needed. We will thoroughly analyze the effects and outcome of your application and its marketing outcome. At this point we can make a detailed assessment of where to build marketing share.