Florida International University – Global Health Consortium (FIU-GHC) is a Global Health Network that allies with Academic, Industrial, and Developing Country Partners to provide Transformative Innovative Solutions with Dramatic Health, Social, and Economic Benefits.

Vision: To become a leading global health multi-disciplinary network in providing innovative evidence-based solutions for the prevention, control and elimination of relevant diseases in the tropics

Mission: To provide a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to address various relevant health needs in the tropics and sub-tropics. This will be achieved by

  • Bringing together national and international stakeholders to create specific recommendations or consensus positions on time-sensitive issues
  • Bringing together academics from law, engineering, computer science, environment, architecture, public health, nursing and medicine to work on the development and implementation of various initiatives focused on the consortium’s vision
  • Educating and preparing health care workers and managers to better address existing global health challenges
  • Providing geo-reference and geo-surveillance services for early indicators of outbreaks and other public health topics
  • Leveraging resources and coordinate funding efforts and innovative research

cropped-worldfacemed8Need Statement: Climate change, global travel, global terrorism, urbanization and infrastructure decay amongst other factors, have all emphasized the need for a coordinated effort to address tropical and emerging diseases utilizing innovative solutions. This is particularly relevant in Miami, as a gateway to Latin America, and serving as a major international hub for trade and tourism. The introduction of cholera in Hispaniola and the growing incidence of dengue in Latin America (including autochthonous cases in South Florida), are some of the latest global health developments (such as Ebola virus disease outbreak) that underscore the need of a multidisciplinary health consortium based in Miami serving the SE USA. This continuous emergence and reemergence of diseases in the tropics, coupled with the US Department of Defense’s SOUTHCOM presence in Miami, makes FIU the premier academic institutions to lead efforts in addressing various health issues by leveraging its various colleges and schools and engaging with multi-sector partners.

GlobalHealth_640x300_0Role of FIU-GHC: The consortium will function as an integrated network collaborating with other international tropical diseases consortiums/centers, governmental and nongovernmental agencies, international agencies, foundations and the private sector. It has established ties to become a potential World Health Organization collaborating center and collaborator with the US CDC and it is inextricably associated with technological networks such as AMPATH and LA Grid. In addition, the consortium aims to formalize the relationships between FIU, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and the Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin).

GHC advances FIU’s strategic plan and themes, statewide priorities, and mission by thinking and being worlds ahead in its global mission and increasing FIU’s visibility and role in the region. The programs will increase the professional workforce and develop world-class interdisciplinary programs.