An Interaction Development Studio @ FIU


We are an interaction development studio located at Florida International University’s MMC Campus. As a part of FIU’s Division of Information Technology, we offer a wide selection of creative services and products. From web development to educational gaming, we have the skills and talent to give your project a unique, creative advantage.

Our Services

What’s in a name? We do much more than just “web services”. We are a blend of web/application developers, graphic/motion artists, and 3D modelers. With such an eclectic mix of talent, we offer high-quality work in many areas.

Web Services

We’re home to the original web team at FIU. With more than 20 years of experience in web design and development, we can help you create a meaningful web presence.

Educational Gaming

We create engaging educational simulations for use in the modern college classroom. We’ve worked with graduate and undergraduate specializations to create a more immersive learning experience..

UI & UX Design

Our designers are adept at creating intuitive and sound interfaces for interactive displays or applications (web-based or otherwise).